Friday, July 11, 2014

How does your skin feel?


You know me, I’m all about some homemade stuff! I love to make things. Lately I’ve become rather obsessed with Coconut oil. I’m usually not one to follow trends, but I read an internet article on a million uses for this oil (ok so maybe there were a hundred, when reading it felt more like a million). Anyway it said coconut oil can make your hair and skin smooth, it can help cook some mean veggies, coffee creamer, chap stick, sunscreen, and it may cure cancer.


And since we know all things listed on the internet are true, I thought, “I’ve got to get some of this magical oil.” But seriously, I did, and it really does a great job with my veggies (of course McCormick seasonings do too). To be honest, I’m still waiting for it to get rid of the red bug bites from our most recent geocaching adventure, but that just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it just can’t do EVERYTHING.


I decided since my veggies were so yummy, maybe it would make my skin glow. I used this recipe, but I just left out the Vitamin E capsules, because I just don’t have those lying around my house today.



Sugar Scrub - Just Another Raney Day

(Please ignore the table bottom in the background…Jace is in the process of building me a table. For now we just use the base as a place to stuff boxes apparently. Really should have paid more attention to that when I was taking the picture, but I’m not a professional!!)


The basic recipe:

1 part white sugar

1 part cocount oil

2 parts brown sugar

vanilla (maybe one day I’ll share our recipe for homemade vanilla)


I just mix it up, then put it in a mason jar. Now, I’ve only used this a few times, but it does make my skin feel better. San Antonio is dry, and so is my skin. I never had dry skin issues in Louisiana! I wouldn’t’ say that my skin “glows” but it is softer and less chalky.


Now, I’m not suggesting you take this as a midnight snack, but you could definitely eat this stuff. I licked the spoon after mixing. Yum.

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  1. I love coconut oil! I use it on myself and the kids regularly. It's excellent stuff :)