Thursday, October 30, 2014

Going to get Brooks (part 2)


San Antonio 10/8 @ 5:07 pm

Beijing 10/9 @ 6:07 am


Only 8 hours left on this flight. Wow.

I can’t believe we are going to CHINA!

I've already watched Moms Night Out, Friends, Big Bang Theory and Blended.

Cohen has seen The Ninja Turtles, Rio 2 and has seen parts of The Little Mermaid, Frozen and Up.

Somehow we managed to get upgraded to economy plus so we have loads of room (ok not loads, but more than we would have in coach). If only we could get this deal on the way know, when there will be 4 of us on this row.

I did manage to meet another EAC (our adoption agency) family while waiting for the bathroom. Yep. I can talk to anyone. They seem really nice and they had these lovely printed out pictures of their son. They are adopting a little boy who is almost 2. He’s absolutely adorable!




San Antonio 10/9 @ 5:50am

Beijing 10/9 @ 6:50pm

Cohen finally fell asleep 12 hours into our 14 hour flight over the ocean. He slept on top of me for about 1.5 hrs and spent the last 30 min sleeping upside down or hanging off his chair.




When we got off the plane we met up with the other EAC families and headed toward the hotel. The smog in Beijing is no joke. We kept watching out of the window of the airplane to see when we were close to the ground. We never actually saw the ground until the wheels of the plane touched down. So...that means you have a few hundred feet visibility. Crazy!


Driving to Beijing was nice. There are 7 EAC families here getting our babies, so Zhou (our EAC coordinator) rented a giant bus. One of the other families here bought their 8 year old son, who happens to love minecraft, so Cohen made an instant friend. They sat in the back of the bus and discussed minecraft for the entire drive to the hotel.




We are staying at a Holiday Inn here in Beijing. It's a lot like the hotels in America, just a bit smaller. Oh and there are windows (meaning more than one) from the bathroom to the bedroom. They have blinds on them if you want some extra privacy. Weird.




  1. That looks like our room in Shanghai. It had windows by the tub to the bedroom too!

    1. Oh Steph, just wait. The window in the bathroom situation only gets worse the more hotels we stayed at. Imagine sheer curtains between the shower and the bedroom. With a 6 year old boy in the room, showering became impossible.