Saturday, November 1, 2014

Going to Get Brooks (part 3.2)


Not sure if you noticed yesterday that the title of the blog was 3.1 and today’s is 3.2, but that’s because it was all the same day. We were really busy that first full day in Beijing.


San Antonio 10/10 @ 7:40AM

Beijing 10/10 at 8:40PM

After the Great Wall, we went to a factory that makes Cloisonné, or enamelware. We got to tour the place, and learn about how the vases were made. They were very impressive and time consuming. The vases were very expensive, so we didn’t purchase any of those, but we did get a few smaller enamelware pieces to help us remember the experience.








We also had lunch at a restaurant attached to the factory. It was different Chinese dishes served family style on a huge lazy susan. I tried a bit of everything, but turns out I like the sweet and sour chicken and lo mien type noodles the best.


Once lunch was over, we headed over to the Olympic Park, where the 2008 Summer Olympics were held. We got to see the bird nest arena and a few of the other structures built especially for the Olympic ceremonies. That was really neat, because I remember watching those Olympics on tv and thinking how neat the bird nest arena was.




This one was from Cohen’s camera. I gave him my old digital camera to use while we were in China. He has a few really good ones on there. Then there are lots of pictures like this where he’s giving us crazy directions like “be scary,” “look like a zombie,” or “make a silly face.”








Our final stop as a group was to a local acrobatics show. These folks are very talented. They did balancing tricks, dancing, and rode motorcycles in a huge ball. Very entertaining.



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