Monday, November 3, 2014

Going to Get Brooks (part 4)

San Antonio 10/11 @ 3:35 AM

Beijing 10/11 @ 4:35PM

Today was another busy and fun day. We started off by going to the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. These two places have such rich history and such impressive architecture. Tiananmen Square was still decorated for the recent holiday. I believe this holiday was celebrating China’s birthday or something. They had a huge flower display in the square. There were so many people there!



This kid was so great all day! I love going back through the pictures and seeing all his smiley faces.







Look at all those people!


The funniest part of being at the square was the looks our group kept getting. People would stop and just take pictures of us. It was kinda weird, so I would take pictures of them. According to our coordinator, many people from the villages in China come to Tiananmen Square or Beijing for vacation and they may have never seen a Caucasian person. Cohen was a real celebrity with his long dirty blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.


I wish you could see behind me in this picture…there are 10 families taking this same picture of my child. They just LOVED him!


Here’s our entire group (minus Zhou, because he took the picture). I’m so happy that each one of these families went with us on this trip. They are all super amazing people with HUGE hearts for orphans and children.


After going to the square we crossed the street by using an underground tunnel and went to the Forbidden City. This place is HUGE! There are so many buildings that make up the city. I’m guessing they were for different members of the emperor’s family (I should have read more history on this place prior to going). The architecture and the details on these buildings are just amazing. I can’t imagine building something like this during a time when modern machinery didn’t exist.













Here is Cohen's video to his class from the Forbidden City.





And no trip to the Forbidden City is ever complete without a game of Dice Dice Lemon Slice, right?






This may be one of the funniest times a Chinese person took a picture with us. Jace, Cohen and I were standing in the courtyard of the Forbidden city and this lovely Chinese family came up to us and gave us the universal sign language for “take a picture.” We figured “why not” and got closer together and smiled for his picture. A few seconds later, I was being pushed out of the shot, so Jace decided to move away too, figuring, once again, that someone wanted to take a picture with our beautiful child. Nope, the guy in the picture pulled Jace back in shot, so he really wanted a picture with Jace and Cohen, and not me.


When we were done at the Forbidden City we went to have lunch at another local restaurant that served the meal family style. We ate fried pork, eggplant, noodles, snap peas, shrimp and duck. The duck was by far the most interesting, because they served it carved, but kept the head on the plate. That’s right folks…delicious duck head. Nothing more appetizing than having your food stare at you while you eat it. Yum.

Today we also visited a pearl market and a silk factory. I’m seeing a pattern with these places, prior to allowing you to shop, you must first attend a demonstration to see how the items are made/created (they also did this at the jade factory that we visited yesterday). Great science lesson for Cohen! He got to see how pearls are made, and they even gave him a small fresh water pearl. He also got to touch silk before it was processed, and see how it was put together.

Pearl Factory


Pearl Factory


Pearl Factory

We returned to the hotel a little later and rested for about 30 min then headed out for dinner. We went with 2 other adopting families and we decided to just wonder around Beijing until we found a place that smelled nice and had a picture menu. Since none of us know how to speak the language, it was quite an experience, that included mimicking chickens and begging for forks (for me and the children because we really have no chop stick skills). The food was actually quite good. We had what we believe was chicken, beef, shrimp and some really yummy rice. At the end, when we went to pay, they showed us the amount and I was shocked! There were 6 adults and 4 kids, and we ate for about $30 TOTAL! It ended up being about $10 for my family of 3. Crazy.

Ok…now for some fun pics. Cohen has been having so much fun with the camera. His selfies make me so happy.








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