Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Going to Get Brooks (part 5)

San Antonio 10/12 @ 1:45 AM Nanjing 10/12 @ 2:45 PM We left Beijing today, and of course it would rain last night and clear up most of the smog. We finally got to see some of the beautiful buildings more than 100 yards off the highway. I’m impressed by China’s architecture. They are quite crafty!

We made our way to Nanjing, the capital city of the providence where the orphanage for our little boy is located. In order to get here we had to take a 2 hour plane flight from Beijing. The flight was pretty uneventful, but the security getting onto the flight is very thorough…just ask Jace. Nanjing was actually the capital city of China for a while. It is a beautiful city, that does not have the smog problems Beijing has. They hosted/are hosting the 2014 Junior Olympics, so there are signs and decorations everywhere. Driving into Nanjing, we saw lots, and lots, and lots of apartment buildings. Nanjing is much smaller than Beijing, it only has about 6 or 7 million people living here. These apartment buildings were 20 stories, and there would be 10 or 15 of the exact same building stacked together in such a tiny area. They had their laundry hanging out the windows or balcony’s, some had air conditioner units off the side of the building, some balconies covered in chain link fence or shrubbery.

Once we arrived at our hotel and got checked in, we went on a quick walk around Nanjing. It is a beautiful city with such friendly people. We visited an open air market and walked past the Confucius Temple. We may have to actually pay to go in later because it was so beautiful.  


I’ve discovered that the Chinese don’t throw anything away. Just look at this guy, he’s repairing bicycles with old bicycle parts. I love it!

The hotel where we are staying is attached to a mall. The mall here is a lot like malls in America, full of stuff I can’t afford. But they did have a Dairy Queen with an English menu!


The mall also had out their Halloween decorations and in the evenings, they had a magic show in one of the open areas.


Get excited…tomorrow is the big day! We get our baby boy and he will be ours forever!

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