Saturday, November 8, 2014

Going to Get Brooks (part 7)

San Antonio 10/14 @ 7:00 AM

Nanjing 10/14 @ 8:00 PM

Brooks Lizheng Raney is officially a Raney!! Today we signed the final paperwork to complete the adoption. The adoption center in Nanjing was very busy. There were 5 from our group finalizing adoptions, and several other families there as well. It was such an exciting atmosphere.

In this picture, you will notice that he’s much more comfortable with us now.


We met with a notary first, and in China, when you have something notarized, you also have to stamp your fingerprint on the paper. We had red ink all over ourselves.

In this picture, I like to imagine that Brooks is doing a little cheer… “Yay, I have a mom and dad!”





As if we didn’t enough red ink all over us, then we had to get Brooks to put his thumb print on the paper.



I know you are wondering, “What was Cohen doing while you were signing those papers?” Well, he was taking selfies again.



Have you ever met anyone with eyes that color?



Last pics at the adoption center. At this point it’s totally official. He’s Brooks Lizheng Raney, son of Jace and Emily Raney.



Jace and Cohen celebrated by taking a swim in the hotel pool while Brooks and I played/napped in the room. We went up and visited with the boys later, and they were both wearing these odd looking swim caps. Of course, Cohen wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to take his picture, but the cap was sort of the same material as his swimsuit. Oh and evidentially only the Americans had to wear the odd caps. There were several Chinese ladies swimming as well, and they did not have caps on, but our friends were swimming with their newly adopted son, and they were sporting the odd swim caps. Who knows!

Here are a few shots of us just hanging out in the room.








The language barrier isn’t as big of a deal as you might think. In Nanjing, most of the shops and restaurants have things written in English, and lots of the younger Chinese people can speak both Chinese and English. We haven’t had problems getting food or groceries here.

After dinner, to celebrate Brooks’ official adoption day, and to celebrate his birthday (which was on 9/23) we got a little cake from one of the shops at the mall.












Overall, it was a great day. Brooks has adjusted much better than we thought he would considering how much he cried yesterday. He’s not super smiley yet, but I’m sure that will come. I think he’s still just very overwhelmed.

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