Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going to get Brooks (part 12)

San Antonio - 10/18/2014 @ 6:50 AM
Guangzhou - 10/18/2014 @ 7:50 PM

Today is my 11th Anniversary! Hooray!

I can’t believe we get to celebrate 11 years of marriage in China! If you had asked me 11 years ago how my life would be going today, I would have told you a very different story that then amazing dream that I’m living.

We landed in Guangzhou around 9pm last night, and made it to the hotel and settled around 11pm. LATE! We were exhausted. Our flight was delayed out of Nanjing and we had to wait around at the hotel, then wait around at the airport. Then, Brooks slept the entire flight (pretty happy about that) but he was not tired at all when we got to the hotel. We played for a while and finally crashed around midnight.

After a rough night, we had to get up and take Brooks for his required medical checkup. They require this for all adopted babies to make sure they are healthy enough to travel, that they are not carrying any contagious diseases, and to make sure the parents were matched with the correct child and they understand the medical condition of that child. Again, Brooks slept while we waited for our turn. We got there at 9am, and finally saw a doctor/nurse around 11am. He checked out just fine, and he’s weighing in at a little over 20lbs…which is really good for a baby his age here. He only cried a little when we had to undress him and check out his boy parts. I think I’d scream and cry about that too…so I’d say he did really good.

Here are a few pictures of us at the Medical Checkup Facility…

2014-10-18 10.05.21
2014-10-18 11.37.50
While Brooks took his second nap of the day (that’s right folks…he still on a 2 nap/day schedule), Cohen and I checked out the rooftop pool. Wow, what a view! The pool was nothing super fancy, and honestly it was not designed with kids in mind because it was so deep, but to be up there and to see all the other buildings in the area is just amazing. Cohen swam for a while, but the water was just WAY TO COLD for me! It’s about 85 here during the warmest part of the day, so it’s really perfect swimming weather, I just don’t love to swim in ice water. Doesn’t seem to bother Cohen at all.
Once the medical checkup was over, we headed back to the hotel. We grabbed lunch at a local bakery and headed to the room to relax, and nap. Later on, we went with another EAC family to try out the local American restaurant. The hotel where we are staying here in Guangzhou is located on the Shamian Island. This island must be some sort of local tourist attraction, because us Americans aren’t the only ones taking pictures of EVERYTHING! There were even a few folks out taking wedding pictures (or maybe they are models taking pictures for magazines, because they were just so incredibly beautiful).
The local American restaurant was yummy, but not the best food I’ve ever eaten while in China. We stopped off at a 7/11 on the way home to pick up ice cream as dessert to celebrate 11 years of marriage. Everyone stayed up late to eat ice cream, and even though they keep telling us Chinese babies don’t like cold food…Brooks is proving them wrong daily. He LOVED the ice cream!